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Sunday, November 13, 2016


Amnesia to protect heart from breaking

A year ago today I was given an interview to publisher Eric Rhoads for my DVD in Texas. A large part of the conversation was about my beginnings as an artist in the streets of Paris over 30 years earlier. The incredible thing is I did not remember anything about the events I had just heard about on my drive to the recording studio: the attacks at the Bataclan and at the Petit Cambodge (a restaurant I had dinner with family not long before).. I could remember details of my experience as a young artist, but my mind was completely blank about the many losses I had just know about. The day after I felt so ashamed for not mentioning that in the interview. And that I was short with my daughter on skype as she called me from overseas to remember that dinner, while I was filming my demo. Now I know amnesia is one of those mysterious ways we have to protect our heart from breaking apart..

Friday, March 14, 2014

The California Impressionists and Today Plein Air

It's very exciting for me to be preparing for California to attend the Plein Air Convention & Expo in Monterey. There I will also exhibit three paintings. Then my plan is to honor the beauty of the Carmel peninsula, staying three extra days to workshop in the area and paint in the stunning coastal natural reserve of Point Lobos.

Carmel California Plein air Painter
Mary Agnes Yerkes,
California Impressionist Painter, (1886–1989).
"Plein-Air painting at Carmel’’, Carmel Beach, CA, circa 1920s.
For an European like me, with a background in the French Impressionism and the Italian Macchiaioli, it's intriguing to engage with the nature and the southern bright light that inspired the Early California plein air impressionists.

A Bridge Across the Ocean

Ever since the early '900 the connection with Europe was very tight. Painter Guy Rose, studied in Paris and lived in Giverny 1904-1912, becoming friend and pupil of Claude Monet in person. A colony took home in Giverny and the Giverny Group was first recognized in the US with an exhibition at New York's Madison Gallery in 1910.

After a decline lasting three decades due to the rising of modernism and the Great depression, -- a revival of the California plein air impressionism, took up in the 70's. In 1978 curator Nancy Moure released a Dictionary of Art and Artists in Southern California Before 1930 and curated a retrospective exhibition for the Laguna Beach Museum.

Continuing a Glorious History

Now publisher and painter Eric Rhoads is the enthusiast and proud promoter of the 3d Plein Air Convention & Expo. With his Plein Air Magazine and many other activities, he highly contributes to build up an integrated art industry and favor the cohesion of the artists' community.

I'll fly a long way from old Europe to be part of this history and make it a valuable step in my career. Which I want to share with YOU! After the Convention, join me in Carmel to paint out in the week end 11 - 13 April. Just write to my email to share a great time together!

Live in painting! Francesco

PS. If you're in this business but ain't a painter, write to my email to arrange a meeting between 7 and 13 April to plan new projects across the pond!