Monday, January 2, 2017

Giverny, France Workshop in Monet's Paradise

New dates: now booking for 17 - 22 July 2017 

Painting by the japanese bridge at Claude money residence in Giverny, FranceA lifetime experience, right where Monet’s masterpieces were created
This Giverny experience is designed to learn and get inspired by the father of Impressionism Claude Monet. We’ll spend five days in Giverny, north of Paris, where Monet lived for 30 years. Here we’ll be painting in the village and in the gardens along the water lily pond the master had built. These are the real locations where Monet’s masterpieces were created. We are in love with this magical place, coming here for the fifth time. Get your post now, very limited space!

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Calss in Giverny, France, by  the residence of Claude Monet
More about the Monet's story

To prepare for the culture and spirit of Impressionism, you would want to visit two Paris museums: Le Musée Marmottan e l'Orangerie. The first one displaying Impression du Soleil Levant, (Impression of the Rising Sun), from which the term Impressionism was conied. At Musée de l'Orangerie you can admire a selection of giant paintings among the 250 that Monet painted of the lilies and the reflections on the waters of the Giverny pond. I will not guide your visit of Paris but you can ask for tips as I lived there. Get all the info now at

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