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Friday, November 23, 2018

Why Talent is Overrated

Do art students really love painting?

Gazebo - Francesco Fontana, watercolor, 2018
Some time ago I spent an entire morning tearing out about 100 canvases of old studio students and throw them in the trash bin. These were works of students who gave up classes at least a year ago. The fact that these guys left their efforts behind and never showed back to pick their paintings and drawings, was very sad to me. I thought they don't love what they did. The clearing process involved a review of each of these paintings and drawings and let me tell you, some are more than decent pieces. So I decided to save a bunch of the best ones. Some were confiscate by my 10 yo daughter Flora: don't rip that dad, I like it, give to me!

So today I've learned that skill and talent don't make you a good painter. Love does.

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PS. Of course there are many students around the world who are enthusiastic about their experience with my workshops. And many who love and collect my paintings
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