Sunday, November 13, 2016


Amnesia to protect heart from breaking

A year ago today I was given an interview to publisher Eric Rhoads for my DVD in Texas. A large part of the conversation was about my beginnings as an artist in the streets of Paris over 30 years earlier. The incredible thing is I did not remember anything about the events I had just heard about on my drive to the recording studio: the attacks at the Bataclan and at the Petit Cambodge (a restaurant I had dinner with family not long before).. I could remember details of my experience as a young artist, but my mind was completely blank about the many losses I had just know about. The day after I felt so ashamed for not mentioning that in the interview. And that I was short with my daughter on skype as she called me from overseas to remember that dinner, while I was filming my demo. Now I know amnesia is one of those mysterious ways we have to protect our heart from breaking apart..