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Sunday, November 13, 2016


Amnesia to protect heart from breaking

A year ago today I was given an interview to publisher Eric Rhoads for my DVD in Texas. A large part of the conversation was about my beginnings as an artist in the streets of Paris over 30 years earlier. The incredible thing is I did not remember anything about the events I had just heard about on my drive to the recording studio: the attacks at the Bataclan and at the Petit Cambodge (a restaurant I had dinner with family not long before).. I could remember details of my experience as a young artist, but my mind was completely blank about the many losses I had just know about. The day after I felt so ashamed for not mentioning that in the interview. And that I was short with my daughter on skype as she called me from overseas to remember that dinner, while I was filming my demo. Now I know amnesia is one of those mysterious ways we have to protect our heart from breaking apart..

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monet Paris & Giverny Painting Holiday

Living The Spirit of Impressionism

Giverny is a tiny village about 75 km north of Paris, in Lower Normandy. Claude Monet, the father of Impressionism, lived in Giverny the last 30 years of his life.

Me painting in the Monet's garden, July 2013
There he built his mansion and designed in person a luscious flower garden and the lily pond. Later the lilies became the subject of a series of large paintings. These paintings – we can now admire at Musee de l'Orangerie in Paris -- become his most famous masterpieces, after Impression du Soleil Levant, which gave birth to the Impressionism and constitutes our legacy as painters.

Next July I'll have again the privilege to paint right along the lily pond in the colourful garden of my muse Monet. Believe me when I say you can feel his spirit and something enormously greater in the air as you paint in the quite late afternoon of Giverny. The sky becomes peach rose thru the trees and you can only hear the frogs splashing in the pond. We feel as witnesses and humble carriers of  his Art. We become aware and grateful for it seems he made all this to share his inspiration with us!

12 -- 19 July, 2014

The Japanese Bridge --
Watercolor 33 x 46 cm (c) Francesco Fontana
I’ll offer this 4 day workshop in Giverny – after a brief tour in Paris. Dry and water media are preferred -- but oil is welcome if you have a basic gear and painting know how outdoor. I pre-booked only 8 rooms at the hotel we stayed last year, just around the corner of Monet’s house. Are you going to miss this chance?

Be part of this memorable experience! Sign up now!.