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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Writing a non-story

This newsletter is the result of a failure. This is not what I wrote yesterday. I spent hours writing something that sounded meaningful to me.

I began writing about what I am up to with my art, to then find myself face to a very sensitive subject. Issues and feelings that can affect many of us my same age, going to turn 60 this year. So it would be worth sharing them, even though not the ideal contents that pro marketers would suggest.

But I cannot review the text. Every time I try, I end up too emotional. I let the hours pass, but I still  fear going back to that copy. So this one your are reading now can easely be considered a non-story, or a poor informative message.

I guess I'll do better next time!

For now a feel the duty to let you know that I updated my website with a new selection of paintings. Each of them is accompanied by a short story. There you might find more inspiring and funny stories than this! Just click on the pics.

Thanks for reading, Francesco

PS. The page is Mid April Oil & Watercolor Show -- online just untill next Sunday, April 15, 2018, PST. Do not procrastinate your visit to

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Today I Have Learned That

Words Can Change Your Life  

I am one of the top reviewers on Trip Advisor. I started posting comments on hotels as a passing time. Then airlines and restaurants. And before I knew it, I got on the top 15% experts in the Milan area, with a worldwide readership of 16,500 --  one third from the USA. 

It feels good to say thanks publicly

Knowing that my most popular single review (over 2,000 people) is a terrible story about an airline I won't mention here, makes me feel so responsible. At the same time It feels good to say publicily thanks to the staff who had run the extra mile to help me in other difficult circumstances. But was I objective in both cases?

Hard to change a 
first bad impression

Now days our reputation is somehow out of our control more than ever before. Some pre-facebook behavioral studies, report that reversing a bad first impression takes eight times positive proves, compared to turning a first good impression into a bad one. I guess social media now will only ampiffy that phenomenon.

So what have I learned today?

That the words I say migth change someone's life. For the worse or the better. And that my life and art can be heavely impacted by people's opinion. That leads to a new question. Do I  inconsciously feel the pressure to 'behave my self' -- therefore lose my freedom?

Love to hear from you.

PS. Conversations like this are a favorite after a workshop day, over a drink. If you wish to chat about life and art, consider joining me. Check my schedule here:

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

All You Need to Meet the Artist

Here you have all the links to images, videos, credits and events about the art and business of Francesco Fontana

2016 Upcomig Events
  • Feautured Artist at Lighthouse Plein Air Festival, Jupiter, Florida 9 — 13 March, 2016
  • DVD Release TBD 
  • Faculty at 5th Plein Air Convention & Expo, Tucson, AZ 15 — 19 April 2016
  • Exhibiting in Fabriano, Italy – International Watercolor Society Festival, April 2016
  • Juried Artist at Marche d'Acqua International exhibition, Fabriano, June 2016
  • Giverny, France Workshop by the Lily Pond of Claud Monet's, June 27 - July 2, 2016
  • Featured Artist at Door County Plein Air Festival, WI, Fish Creek 24 — 30 July 2016
  • Workshop Instructor at MISA Madeline Island School of Arts, WI, 29 Aug— 2 Sep 2016
  • Extended Article on Watercolor Painting Process on The Artist Magazine, UK Sept 2016
  • Judge and Instructor at Watercolor Society of Oregon Conference, 7 — 14 October 2016
Recent Past Event and More Credits

  • Director and Faculty at Fare Pittura Atelier, Milan, Italy since 2004
  • Winner 2nd Place Overall Plein Air Salon, August/September 2014
  • Featured Winner and as Faculty in Plein Air Magazine, Dec/Jan 2015
  • Appearing with half page ad in Fine Air Connoisseur Magazine Jan/Feb 2015
  • Exhibiting at Salmagundi Club, New York for the American Watercolor Society 148th International Juried Show, April 2015
  • Watercolor Faculty on Demo Stage, 4th Plein Air Convention & Expo, Monterey, CA April 2015
  • Exhibiting in Fabriano, Italy – International Watercolor Society Festival, April 2015
  • Foto feature in The Art of Watercolor, French Int’l Magazine, May 2015
  • Where in the World is Plein Air — Live and Online Show, Illume Gallery 10-12 June, 2015
  • Four half page ads planned in Plein Air Magazine June — October 2015
  • Exhibiting as Guest with Raijinsha Japan for the Expo 2015, Milan, Italy June 2015
  • Ill Monet Tour, Giverny, France Painting Workshop by Lily Pond, August 2015
  • Half page ad in Fine Air Connoisseur Magazine Sept/Oct 2015
  • Lecce, Apulia, Italy Watercolor Workshop 20 — 25 October 2015
  • Half page ad in Plein Air Magazine, October 2015
  • Austin, Texas — OPA Paint Out and Oil / Watercolor Workshop, 7 — 12 November 2015


Mail contact
Francesco Fontana Fine Artist
7244 Archlaw Drive Clifton, VA, USA 20124
Via Pisanello 16 — Milano, Italy 20146
Cell +39 3381328003

Newsletter Subscription:
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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Make a gift to your artist friends: buy their art!

The best gift you can do to an artist is to choose one of their works. The choice is an implicit sign of respect, appreciation, even affection. Artists - creatures with emotional issues, childhood trauma, or at least a wheel out of place - live in constant need of these confirmations. The applause is the mother of all confirmation, the purchase of a record, or a book, or a ticket, is its father.

Furthermore the gift is mutual. Nothing better than a work of invention and love, rewards the intellect and soul of those who buy art. It's the only case in which you give a gift to someone and keep it in your home to admire and show. It's time for a good work. We created it. Now do the right thing: buy it!

Please visit my on-line Portfolio!

PS. Thanks to Emma Thurgood for the insight 
PPS. I just did it with my artist friend Bruce. Can't wait to receive her painting in the mail

Monday, February 20, 2012

Art making and shuffling the cards

This last week end I did not miss painting. I felt fulfilled with what I painted last week: a work that took me four morning sessions. Every one crossing the door of my studio noticed it. “Wow! Different, there's something.. don’t know.. more luminous!” I am surprised myself. It was an attempt to renew my style. Several weeks of studies and headaches turned with a simple resolution: if I wanted something new I should simply do not do what used to do in my art making routine. I took a different support, watercolour paper instead of canvas, acrylics rather than oils, different size (much larger) and even a different position in the studio. And at the end of every session I go: wow! This is making its own way!

Finding new ideas sometimes is just about changing old habits, shuffling the cards

Live in painting : ) Francesco

PS. Additional surprise: I used three tubes from the acrylics box just to discover -- once finished -- they were water mixable oils.
PPS. The actual image don't matter!