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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Watercolor in One Stroke, The Article

Learn how to make the less is more concept effective

Very nice to receive The Artist magazine from UK. The March issue features a four page demo I did to demonstrate my concept of One-stroke watercolor. It tells a fascinating story about the court artist at the times of the Chinese Empire. A legend that will inspire you strongly! My article also provides a lot of practical instruction for key exercises, to learning how to optimize your brushwork, and be more effective and economical. 

The task is to create a painting with a given number of brushstrokes. 

Every medium has got its own way to apply the paint. More often than not students and even mid experienced painters, have bad habits that make them do a lot of work for very poor paint application and even poorer expression. Their gesture is often unnatural. My watercolor in one-stroke training is one of my all time students' favorite. The one that make you have your unique calligraphy and signature! 

This is my second demo for this UK based magazine, and I am already preparing a new exciting article! Thank you  Sally Bulgin editor of The Artist! 


PS. The Artist was founded 1931 and provides you with tons of tips and news on different painting mediums. You can get this March 2019 issue and a all year subscription here 

PS.  Best choice for you would be to reinforce this read with a the aid of the master. Check out my workshop calendar and join me in a fantastic location such as Giverny, Amsterdam, Palermo and beyond.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Faces and Stories in Watercolor

Last year I painted a couple of commission portraits in watercolor. This made me want to paint the human figure again after years of landscape and plein air.

Francesco Fontana American Breakfast (with Flora)   2018, studio watercolor on paper, 11 x 16 inches,
Francesco Fontana American Breakfast (with Flora) 
2018, studio watercolor on paper, 11 x 16 inches,

My idea is to tell stories. The girl in red t-shirt having breakfast is one of the first paintings of 2019 devoted to this new research. It is inspired by the visit to America last summer, when I took my little girls to meet their uncles and cousins ​​States side. A very exciting encounter!

The matter of fact that watercolor portraiture is not so common adds thrill to my challenge.

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PS. Your comment is absolutely welcome!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Limitations Open New Doors

The shocking truth behind new points of view

Today a younger friend came to see my watercolor showcase in Milan. He was in town for a day to meet his oculist. I had with him probably the longest conversation about my painting I can remember. He asked a lot of questions about the making. He made comments about aspects most people never notice. It's amazing how your cityscapes have such a prospective depth -- he said. How can you make the background look so  distant?

Then a small figure as tall as a finger nail, placed in a street scene, caught his attention. Look how that guy's looking a that shop window! How do you do that? I was happy to share some of my technique and secrets. Don't worry -- he said -- I'll never be your competition, I am terrible at art!

Almost two hours later, we headed to a quick lunch in the november sun of Milan. At the restaurant I thanked him for his many insights. They were different and meaningful. He's answer almost shocked me. You know Francesco, I see differently. One of the reason I fly to Milan regularly to meet this eye specialist is that I am color blind.

Thanks for reading. You're comment is very welcome! -- Francesco

PS. Today I definitely learned that limitations open the door to new points of view.

PPS. By the way if you want to know more about how to create the illusion of distance in a city scape, consider attending one of my workshops. You can also train your eye with some of my paintings.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Paint in the Monet Gardens and by the Lily Pond

III Workshop in Giverny, France
In Italian Mon 3-7 Fri Agosto 2015
In English Mon 10-14 Fri August 2015

The Japanese Bridge on the Pond of Claude Monet's House
This Giverny experience is designed to learn and get inspired by the father of Impressionism Claude Monet. We’ll spend five days in Giverny, north of Paris, where Monet lived for 30 years. Here we’ll be painting in the village and in the gardens along the water lily pond the master had built. These are the real locations where Monet’s masterpieces were created. We are coming here for the third time because the atmosphere is so magical to say the least, and left an unerasable mark in all of us. You can add extra days to your vacation, prior and after Giverny. The group meeting point will be in Paris at Gare Saint Lazare where the train leaves to Vernon, nearest station to Giverny. Here Francesco will welcome you in person.

The Monet’s Paris

Francesco Fontana's Group of Painter in the Giverny GardensTo prepare for the culture and spirit of Impressionism, you would want to visit two Paris museums: Le Musée Marmottan e l'Orangerie. The first one displaying Impression du Soleil Levant, (Impression of the Rising Sun), from which the term Impressionism was conied. At Musée de l'Orangerie you can admire a selection of giant paintings among the 250 that Monet painted of the lilies and the reflections on the waters of the Giverny pond.
We will not guide your visit of Paris, but will provide some precious tips you’ll find in the Planner attached. I will also connect you with other participants who wish to share the Parisian experience. I know Paris very well so feel free to ask for insights.

Welcome to Giverny

Once you arrive the Vernon station, a reserved group taxi and a car for luggages will pick you up for the hotel. The same day a visit to the house and gardens of Monet is scheduled. Followed by a ice breaking drink and a good dinner.
The following mornings we’ll be painting in the hotel garden. Then will return to Monet’s the next four afternoons, with a private pass to paint in the property without the presence of tourists. These sessions have no structured instruction, just some advise and great deal of inspiration from the golden hours of the day!

Watercolor Workshop

Watercolor is the official media and beginners are welcome. Oil or acrylic are allowed for outdoor expert painters only. Instruction is mainly based on demos. Francesco will be available for individual advise on request. An open feedback will take place on last day, followed by a farewell dinner. On departure day a taxi is scheduled to Vernon station for Paris, or directly to the airport.

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To get help you can email Francesco at

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