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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Happy to have new friends!

Door County Plein Air Festival: back from Wisconsin (and forth)

With Debra Joy Groesser, Jeff Merrill and Nancy Tankersley
I won't forget my week at Door County Plein Air Festival that easily. Stunning scenery, very friendly people, and lot of painting work on the field (July 24-30, 2016)
An amazing staff at ‪#‎dcpaf‬ made the machine work smoothly. Thank you Cathy, Kay, Tori, Ginny and the others for helping and smiling at all times!
I was excited to catch up with old artist friends. Let me remember Andre Lucero the zen man, Charlie Hunter the genius, the sweet Margi Lucena, happy face Debra Groesser, the adventurous Patrick Saunders and my watercolor buddy Andy Evensen! 
Happy to have new friends. Great to meet you: Mitch Baird, Brian Blood, Shawn Cornell, Valerie Craig, Mari Ann Davis, Tim Horn, Eric Jacobsen,  Mat Barber Kennedy, Laurie Kersey, John John, Patrick Lee, Jeff Merrill, Tom Nachreiner, Michael Obermeyer, Kathie Odom, John Poon, James Richards, Dave Santillanes, Brian Sindler, Carol Strock Wasson, Bill Suys, Nancy Tankersley and Dawn Whitelaw. So honored to be in the company of such extraordinary talented people and rockstars! I lernt a lot! 
A special thank to my new collector Kaaren, Steve, Martha and Bruce. So grateful for your appreciation. A big thank you my exquisite hosts Sue and Kurt (and their dog) for making me feel home in their wonderful property.
How can I forget Gina Ward who's always ready to give advice, ideas and help in my US venture (in addition to treat me good pizza!) 
And last but very first my strongest hug goes to the awesome Shelby Keefe, who opened here new house to me and my jetlag, days before th
e event. She showed me the artsy Milawaukee, introduced me to her friends, took care of me and made sure I had all the stuff I needed and even more, to make it to the festival. Shelby your friendship alone worth the trip from Italy! XXX 
Thank you all, including those I missed to mention. Wish you the very best in life and art and hope to see you soon again!
PS Will be again in Wisconsin a the end of August. Check that out!