Thursday, April 12, 2018

Writing a non-story

This newsletter is the result of a failure. This is not what I wrote yesterday. I spent hours writing something that sounded meaningful to me.

I began writing about what I am up to with my art, to then find myself face to a very sensitive subject. Issues and feelings that can affect many of us my same age, going to turn 60 this year. So it would be worth sharing them, even though not the ideal contents that pro marketers would suggest.

But I cannot review the text. Every time I try, I end up too emotional. I let the hours pass, but I still  fear going back to that copy. So this one your are reading now can easely be considered a non-story, or a poor informative message.

I guess I'll do better next time!

For now a feel the duty to let you know that I updated my website with a new selection of paintings. Each of them is accompanied by a short story. There you might find more inspiring and funny stories than this! Just click on the pics.

Thanks for reading, Francesco

PS. The page is Mid April Oil & Watercolor Show -- online just untill next Sunday, April 15, 2018, PST. Do not procrastinate your visit to