Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meet me in America - An inspirational tour

I’ll be travelling in the US for eight full days next April. My purpose is to paint out the ‘American beauty’, meet family and friends, and explore business opportunities.

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I’ll be around the East Coast from 10 to 19 April. I will drive from NYC to Virginia on Friday 15. Everyone is welcome..

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Provence beyond the color of lavender

From red poppies to the green waters

For us painters, always hunting for colors, Provence is not only the indigo - purple of lavender but a rich palette of hues and tints. Two years ago, a huge field of red poppies suddenly revealed itself as we were driving on the road to Gordes. We dropped off the van and sat up our easels. What a wonderful session!

Orange is also a major character: the yellow - red ochre rocks in Roussillon, are a rare sight indeed. The emerald waters of the source of River Sorgue, are the unmistakable mark of Fontaine de Vaucluse.

Next dates in Provence (15 - 22 May)

In May, Provence is a hive of poppies and sunflowers. With a little luck - depending on the season - this year well be dipped in red and yellow, and in the thousands of hearth 'nuances'.

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Colors are not the only qualities that make Provence a special place. The sense of savoir vivre, the good living that keeps track of time, is a perfect blend of ingredients: space, light, food and wine. The eye of a painter will make painting in Provence an unforgettable experience!

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Live in painting! Francesco Fontana

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