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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Solitude Will Save My Life

Can we escape the noise of the world?

Saturday I took my girls to the mall. It's Black Friday week end, and Christmas is approaching. They couldn’t wait to go shopping. The huge place was packed, and walking through almost impossible. The girls had to patiently stand in line to able to access they fave store. I thought: we are crazy, never again. The world is running straight to self-destruction!

Lonely  Mountain - Watercolor,  Francesco Fontana 2018
Away from the crazy crowd! Boy raised in the city and loving it, for the first time I could consider moving to the countryside. Isolation is perhaps not so terrible. After all, an artist needs silence to listen to his soul. Yet world can still chase you into your restroom! As long as you hold your smartphone, the noise of the crowd strikes again. Can we escape it?

For sure I understand that the older I get, the more I appreciate solitude. 

Thanks for reading, Your comment is very welcome!-- Francesco

PS. Ok, maybe you already live in a quite place and I followed you in the bathroom with this letter. In my defense I say that we artists are the weak link in the chain, compared to big businesses, we re small creatures trying to save themselves from extinction. Yet we create beauty (not beauty creams), products for the care of soul. Please feel free to enjoy some of them and consider experience some quality time in my workshops.

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