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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Today I Have Learned That

Words Can Change Your Life  

I am one of the top reviewers on Trip Advisor. I started posting comments on hotels as a passing time. Then airlines and restaurants. And before I knew it, I got on the top 15% experts in the Milan area, with a worldwide readership of 16,500 --  one third from the USA. 

It feels good to say thanks publicly

Knowing that my most popular single review (over 2,000 people) is a terrible story about an airline I won't mention here, makes me feel so responsible. At the same time It feels good to say publicily thanks to the staff who had run the extra mile to help me in other difficult circumstances. But was I objective in both cases?

Hard to change a 
first bad impression

Now days our reputation is somehow out of our control more than ever before. Some pre-facebook behavioral studies, report that reversing a bad first impression takes eight times positive proves, compared to turning a first good impression into a bad one. I guess social media now will only ampiffy that phenomenon.

So what have I learned today?

That the words I say migth change someone's life. For the worse or the better. And that my life and art can be heavely impacted by people's opinion. That leads to a new question. Do I  inconsciously feel the pressure to 'behave my self' -- therefore lose my freedom?

Love to hear from you.

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