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Friday, November 23, 2018

Why Talent is Overrated

Do art students really love painting?

Gazebo - Francesco Fontana, watercolor, 2018
Some time ago I spent an entire morning cutting about 100 canvases of old studio students and throw them in the trash bin. These were works of students who gave up classes at least a year ago. The fact that these guys left their efforts behind and never showed back to pick their paintings and drawings, was very sad to me. I thought they don't love what they did. The clearing process involved a review of each of these paintings and drawings and let me tell you, some are more than decent pieces. So I decided to save a bunch of the best ones. Some were confiscate by my 10 yo daughter Flora: don't rip that dad, I like it, give to me!

So today I've learned that skill and talent don't make you a good painter. Love does.

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PS. Of course there are many students around the world who are enthusiastic about their experience with my workshops. And many who love and collect my paintings
PPS. Use this Golden Friday week end to make your self a gift at a reduced price

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let Me Visit You

Next Custom Workshop: Bali, Indonesia

I am so thrilled to be preparing my travel to Bali, Indonesia where a local group of internediate oil painters is waiting for me next October 14, 2013.

This event is one of the results of my announcement some time ago, when I sent out e newsletter offering custom workshops. In other words I am ready to fly to join groups and art centers around the world -- in addition to my self-organized painting holidays in France and Italy.

Are you a member of an artists club or school of art?

If you are part of an art organization, please consider booking me to teach a workshop next year or further on. It's never too early! Let me visit you at you place. I'll love to meet you and share my method and my experience! Talk to me

I have a talent for teaching. I’ll never stop learning but one thing I know for sure: I know how to share what I know. I got the right words, the timely gesture, the lively example for you to get the insight you're looking for. I believe a master is the one who allows you to become what you are. Empathy first of all: your struggle is my struggle.

Francesco's Floral Demo from Life at the Public Library, Feb 2013

>> Francesco offers a well-run workshop with solid instruction, tailored to suit individual levels – from beginners to professionals. His skill with language makes it possible for a multi-cultural group to share artistically.  I came away with improved painting skills.  Bruce Bingham -- USA / Malta <<

Dynamic Brushwork & Color Mixing are the main focus of my program through demos, individual work plan, assignments and assistance, painting along, general critique and six month personal email follow up. 

Take notice

~ Length can be 3 days or longer, 6 hrs daily
~ Media oil or watercolor at your choice, all level
~ Subjects: landscapes en plein air; still life & floral indoor
~ Fluency in English French and Italian

I'll be available in the USA mid April 2014. Write me a line to make to make a plan.

Live in painting ; )) Francesco

PS. If this is the first time you hire me, I am happy to either offer money off my fee, or put on my charge the airfare or alike.

PPS. If you wish to both sponsor the event and attend as a painter, you might come to up with little to zero fee! Learn how. Email me now: