Thursday, February 3, 2011

Painting in Sicily, Italy Workshop

Under the sun of Mondello beach

This workshop is a re-discovery of my native city Palermo, both on the seaside and in its historical center. We'll be based in the sea village of Mondello, right on the cross road of its 2-mile-long beach. We will also do sightseeing and painting downtown Palermo, in the bewitching centro storico.

Palermo and its old centre
Our hotel In Mondello is established within the grace of an early '900 century Art Nouveau vacation town, and in the sunlight of this former fishers' village. On the other side of the Mount Pellegrino (what a breathless view from its top!) -- Palermo is an amazing combination of different cultural heritages.

Sicily dates: May 1st to 8, 2011

Media and Level
All media are welcome (oil, acrylic and watercolor). Topics include composition, value structure, color theory and color mixing, brushwork and expressive concepts. The program includes lectures and exercises and is adapted individually. Please check single workshops for media and level specifics.
Happy painting! - Francesco

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Early birds alight on lavender flowers

I wish to thank all those who responded to the my survey about Your Ideal Painting Workshop. The survey provided a number of insights which enable me to better match your needs in the 2011 plein air workshop season.Among the many suggestions I received (I will comment some in the next News & Views Letter) there is the month of July as one of the best dates to attend a workshop. Provence stands out as the very top destination in your wish-list. So I decided to stretch my usual season in Provence to July for a lavender-blooming session, reserved to early birds. Spaces are limited to 8 people and due to high season demand, this session must be booked very, very soon. The B&B we I’ve made our artists home in the past three years -- is so successful that rooms for July are expected to run out right aftColore testoer Christmas.
Be an early bird and sign up now!

Dates: 9 to 16 July 2010 (7 nights)

Click here to get a quote and reserve your space (limited to 8 people)

Happy painting! - Francesco

PS. View our wonderful guesthouse here:
And view the surroundings here:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Painting start up and a shiny day of great rewards

Shiny day today! This morning we started up with painting. I made an oil demo in the quite yard of the hotel. We painted the roof top line and the light lavender facade of the hotel -- wich is a 700's villa, now elegantly restored. The combination of ochre stone walls and the the facade, was pretty inspiring. I however focused the session on tonal underpainting structure.
Jerry -- who's an almost absolute begenner -- made a good job as well as his wife Janet, who's an advanced painter. Patricia, sculptor and oil painter, tried several watercolor sketches. Claudio rested in his room with his laptop and books.
The afternoon tour to the old town of Modica, included the visit the cathedrals of San Giorgio and San Pietro, both built in the Sicilian baroque style. At the end of the walk, how couldn't we stop and shop at the Cioccolatteria Bonajuto? They are the oldest chocolat makers in Sicily, founded in 1880.
To reward ourselves for this sacrifice, I drove the group to Pozzallo on the ocean, for a dinner based on spaghetti with fresh sea food and grilled fish. Excellent prize!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sicily Painting Workshop countdown

Getting ready to fly to Catania, for my first workshop in Sicily -- Monday 4th to Sunday 10th, May 2009. I am excited to meet this group of Americans willing to visit and paint outdoor in the Noto valley. I've travelled in this area a few years ago and felt in love with the wildness of the territory and nonetheless the stunning richness of its Baroque heritage. So I guess I am a bit afraid I would have to find my way to the several locations I planned to show to these new friends. As an expat Sicilian (but from the western coast) -- I am confident that my people and home land won't let me down. So I hope the Gps navigator!